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Hi All of my Crafter Friends.

I started sewing when I was in 7th grade; back then, Home Economics was part of the curriculum in grade school.  Sewing became part of my life after I got married and had two daughters. Most of our clothes were handmade and my girls and I were proud of them. As they started to become teenagers, sadly to say, making clothes for them was a big no no!

Years and years went by and my sewing became part of the past only to do mending on hems and seams. Now that I have retired I have turned my sewing knowledge into handmade crafts. Most of my ideas have come from friends and seeing items in stores that I knew I could make.

My BasketBabies came to me through my Granddaughters’ other Great Grandmother. I thought they were so cute I decided to try to make them. My first Babies were the Easter Babies. That blossomed into Halloween Babies, 4th of July Babies, Babies for Wedding Showers, even children’s Birthday Babies. Their basket heads can be filled with anything from flowers, silverware for the picnic table, to diapers and baby bottles for the mother to be. It is your imagination that fills their heads. The Soap bottle aprons also came from her.

The Wine Bottle Aprons became an inspiration when friends were always looking for the corkscrew to open new bottles and the original corks would not go back into the open wine bottle. I thought this would be a wonderful way to keep all together.

I really enjoy crafting with my sewing machine and hope you love my ideas and put them in your home for others to see.

Your Crafting friend


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